On the bleeding edge of hip hop, effortlessly integrating trap soundscapes and Latin rhythms

WHATUPRG, born Raul Garcia in Gwinnett County, Georgia, his childhood was rich with music from an early age. RG discovered reggae at the age of seven and within a few years transitioned from being a ravenous music fan to making his own rhymes with tireless ambition and devotion to a higher power fueling his fire, rapping by age 12. When he was 14, his parents helped him fund the production of his first self-released album. The performances and production were amateurish, but soon thereafter RG began making beats and recording on his laptop, and his practice truly began and he then began signing with established labels and doing features on songs by bigger names in the Christian rap scene by his later teens.

A major breakthrough came with the release of his 2016 single "Don't Forget to Live" and its accompanying video, shot in a Walmart almost on a whim late one night. The song and video took off, and in 2017 Whatuprg's name became more recognized as he released songs like "Aquafina" and "Where You Been?" and signed on with nobigdyl's artist collective Indie Tribe.

A year later, in 2018 he signed to Atlanta based label Reach Records, Whatuprg entered the next phase of his career, issuing the Pleasant Hill EP early that year as he prepped for a proper full-length album debut.

RG’s artistry exists on the bleeding edge of hip hop, effortlessly integrating trap soundscapes and Latin rhythms to animate his memorable lyricism. Innovation is to be expected — fans of WHATUPRG’s debut album, Pleasant Hill, can attest to his creative excellence. RG is now entering a new frontier in his career, one where his unbridled boldness about his life experiences is fused to his own distinctive sound. His latest EP titled, RAUL, projects his personal freedom with a clarion call to his fans to fight for the same freedom he’s found. For themselves and for each other. RG’s love for his fans grounds his raw, pointed challenge to shift their perspective from apathy to empathy.

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