Jonathan Traylor

Breathing new energy into the faith-based music scene with his unapologetically wild sound and style.

Jonathan Traylor is a Dallas-based triple-threat, as a world-class singer/songwriter, producer/musician, and dancer, the 29-year-old is poised to breathe new energy into the faith-based music scene with his unapologetically wild sound and style. His music seamlessly melds contemporary gospel, CCM, adult contemporary, R&B, and pop. 

Jonathan was born and raised in Dallas going to church. Growing up, he sang in youth choir in a congregation pastored by his stepfather. Despite the seemingly sheltered upbringing, appearances proved deceptive. Jonathan was confused by the pastor he saw at the pulpit talking about Jesus on Sunday, and the stepdad who was physically and emotionally abusive to his mother, siblings, and himself. After the marriage ended, the family fell into poverty and they were homeless for a time. He cut lawns to help support his family and never lost his faith. With some of his earnings, he bought a used Casio keyboard from a pawnshop, even though he didn't know how to play.  One afternoon at his local church, where he served at as a teen, he was praying at the altar and asked God to help him minister to the congregation through music by teaching him how to play and sing. Jonathan began to pick out melodies of songs on the radio and was soon writing his own songs.

He began leading youth and music ministry. Jonathan never sought to become a professional musician, he was just praying to be able to help his church. However a few years later, he made his recording debut as frontman for the Christian rock and worship band One1Way. The band released two independent singles to streaming in 2014 and toured some churches before he decided to go solo. Jonathan self-financed the recording and production of his debut long-play, Stones & Giants, in 2018. The record was a hit on the gospel music scene garnering a million streams within a month of release and propelled Jonathan to tour churches across the region. Despite not having promotion, the album attracted listeners across the globe. Motown Gospel signed him to a recording contract in early 2019, and he was simultaneously signed to a publishing deal with Capitol CMG. Motown re-released Stones & Giants in 2019 and put its muscle into promotion.

Jonathan entered the studio late in 2019 and began to cut his sophomore outing, only to be interrupted by the global coronavirus pandemic. In May of 2020, he released the major-label debut album "The Unknown" with a message that celebrates the faithfulness of God in uncertain times. The standout single, “I Trust You” was written in the lobby of a hotel in St. Louis at a time when Traylor felt particularly uncertain about his future. “I wanted to write a song specifically about trusting God and the words just came to me. ‘You’re more sure than the ground that I stand on. You're more sure than the air that I breathe.’  That’s what God is for me.”

One thing that makes Traylor’s music so appealing and relatable is that he is not afraid to pull from his own trials, no matter how personal they are. With the support of Motown Gospel behind him, Jonathan Traylor is grabbing his destiny with both hands.

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