Christon Gray

Christon might be one of your all-time favorite artists, and you don't even know it!

Christon Gray is an American R&B singer and rapper born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. He is a Christian and calls his music "about being human". It is this approach that has allowed him to be successful as a mainstream artist. His parents, Arthur Gray (a former choir leader), and his mother Leigh Ann have two other children; Christon's older brother, Taelor Gray, who is also a rapper and pastor, and his younger sister Aubrey, who is currently a college student. Christon resides in Cincinnati, Ohio with his wife, Shana Gray and has 2 daughters named Mya Blue and Story Monroe Gray.

In 2006, Gray was a part of The Elevationists with his brother, Taelor and childhood friend BJ. After a few years together, they disbanded the group to each explore other avenues. In 2011, Gray, with the help of writing partner and music director Marlo Scott, released an album entitled Even With Evil With Me. The independent release spawned the timeless track ‘Isle of You’, which quickly led to record label interest. Before the year was out, he was signed to Collision Records. 

In 2012, he began working on his ablum and label debut for Collision. In March 2014, Gray released his 2nd studio album entitled School of Roses with Collision. Also early in 2013, the label released the collective album We Live As Kings (W.L.A.K.). As a member of the four-man group, Christon was featured on the majority of the tracks. The album went on to top the Billboard Gospel chart and crack the top 10 on the Rap and Christian charts.

In early 2015, Gray began releasing music on his own, prompting fans to question whether or not he was still a part of Collision and W.L.A.K. The first track 'Open Door (See You Later)' was posted on his SoundCloud page in March 2015. Still not addressing his status, one week later he posted the beautiful piano led love ballad, 'Afraid With You'. It wasn't until the end of April 2015, when Christon confirmed he had left Collision in an interview with Rapzilla

Christon then released an EP called The Demos to be streamed exclusively on the Christian music-streaming app, "The Overflow". The album went to be the most streamed project on the entire service for 2015, with all 5 tracks occupying spots No. 1 – No. 5 the week of its release. It was clear that he was using these songs to get himself a new record deal, and in June 2015, he revealed that he had signed with Kirk Franklin's label, Fo Yo Soul Recordings/RCA. Kirk himself made the announcement via video screen at Alive Fest in Ohio on June 20, 2015. Kirk Franklin dubbed him, "the next Lauryn Hill". He subsequently removed The Demos to work on his third album and label debut on Fo Yo Soul.

In December 2015, Christon released a freestyle video that included the name and release date of his next project, The Glory Album. Gray's debut album with Fo Yo Soul/RCA was set to be released on March 11, 2016. Leading up to the album release, he was chosen as one of ESPNs Artists of the Month for March. The station highlighted 3 tracks, ‘Open Door (See You Later)’, 'The Glory Pt. I' and ‘Stop Me' on all of their regular programing. 'Stop Me' went on to be used in commercials for Honda, HBO's Ballers, FOX's Lethal Weapon & RocNation Sports.It was also used at the ESPY Awards during the shows final segment.

After just one album with the label, Gray let fans know that he had officially left RCA in January 2017. He did not elaborate on the reasons, but said when the time was right he would speak about it. According to the post, it was a business decision and he wishes all parties involved well.

On July 28 2017, Christon dropped a single called 'No Hesitation' independently. This was his first release since leaving Fo Yo Soul/RCA Records.

A week later, on August 4, he released 'Shoulda Known', which included a sample of his song, 'Burning House (Roses 102)' off the School of Roses album. It featured long-time collaborator and friend, JGivens. On Sunday November 5, Christon Gray was announced as the new Worship Leader at Christ's Church in Mason, Ohio.

By the end of the year 2017, an agreement had been reached for him to rejoin Fo Yo Soul and the new staff at RCA Inspiration in Nashville.

In 2019, one week after the release of 'Clear The Heir', Christon was once again granted permission to leave RCA. While not speaking specifically about what led to his second request for release, it was granted and he wished the label success. A few months later he dropped the maxi-single, 'Winner's Circle', which featured the tracks 'Round Here' w/ Dee-1 and 'All Day Flow'

A video for the songs from the 2 track offering was released in May 2020. It features Dee-1's verse from 'Round Here' as well as a full video for 'All Day Flow'. It also ends with a teaser for Christon's upcoming album, School of Roses 2, said to be released mid 2020.

On April 17, 2020, Gray dropped a single entitled, 'See You Soon'. According to YouTube, he dropped this song early in the pandemic to be an encouragement, mainly to other people. The blurb asks people to get groceries, call and pray for your neighbors. Mike Conley of the Utah Jazz used the song as part of his donation press release during COVID-19. In June 2020, the song sat at No. 11 on the Christian CHR and Rhythmic radio chart, and was on major radio in Canada, France, England, Australia, New Zealand, and many other places around the world. Christon might be one of your all-time favorite artists, and you don't even know it!