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Anyone who has been to college, is in college, or knows someone in college, knows how hard it can be to get an undergraduate degree. But on top of being undergraduate students at Northwestern University, Gospel Okoroafor and Edgar Sandoval are also creating incredible hip-hop/pop music under the name, Cape Lions.

The duo met on tour with the Northwestern Choralons when they were randomly paired together. Even after the tour, the duo continued working together. They were creating music and free-styling together. Then, on May 3rd, they released their first project, “Intro.”
Since May 3rd, Cape Lions has released 14 original songs, been highlighted on Spotify currated playlists, gained 120,000 monthly subscribers on Spotify, and has been played on radio stations all across the country, including LF Radio. The music they write and perform all has common themes of relationships, dreams, and Christianity.

All of Cape Lions’ success has come independently from Okoroafor and Sandoval. The Duo is not currently signed to a record label, but in another interview, the two both expressed they weren’t opposed to signing onto a label.
When asked about it by “Talon,” the Northwestern student magazine,
“Everything is up to God,” Okoroafor said, “who doesn’t want to make it independent?”
“Who doesn’t want to get signed by a label?” Sandoval added, in a joking tone.
“We’re open to both,” Okoroafor said, “whether we get signed or we don’t, we’ll still continue to make our music independently.”
Looking into the duo’s past, Sandoval said the name Cape Lions has been around since 2015. Sandoval used it as a title to produce solo music under until being joined by Okoroafor.

Look into the duo’s future, more music, a possible tour, and Sandoval’s June 2020 wedding to Emilee Flood, his fiancé he met through Spotify.

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