Apollo LTD

Alternative-pop anthems that blur the horizon between organic and electronic soundscapes.

Apollo LTD, also known as Jordan Phillips and Adam Stark, the duo never set out to make Christian music, just always obeyed their creative instincts and interests. The longtime friends earned notoriety with "The Kicks" who saw success opening for John Mayer, playing Vans Warped Tour, and earning placements on numerous hit TV shows. After years of writing, recording, and touring, the pair felt like they wanted to take a different musical route from the rest of the band.

After a period of making music with friends, producing random projects, co-writing, and generally just tried to enjoy the ability to make music without boundaries. The pair created two EPs in 2015 that shadowed the path they had already taken, released under the name Apollo LTD. With alternative-pop anthems that blur the horizon between organic music and electronic soundscapes. Apollo LTD is an otherworldly sound with a human core, a cinematic mix of airy synthesizes, deep-seated grooves, and larger-than-life hooks that target the head as well as the heart. The name comes from the NASA program that sent the world's first astronauts to the Moon.

Signing with Residence Music, an imprint of Centricity that allows artists of faith to craft music that allows for greater expression than perhaps a typical Christian radio format might appreciate. The only thing that matters to the duo is that they’re able to write what they want, regardless of where it fits or label it earns. Forget categorization. It’s all about creativity.

Apollo LTD's full-length debut, Out of Body, earned the songwriters their first Top 40 hit and racked up a Dove Awards nomination for Best Rock Album. By the time the awards ceremony rolled around in October 2020, though, Jordan and Adam found themselves stuck at home in Nashville, kept indoors by a worldwide pandemic that had turned everyday life upside down.

Apollo LTD's second album, Nothing is Ordinary. Everything is Beautiful, was created during those months in isolation. When the rest of the world slowed down to a cautious crawl, the duo remained busy, collaborating on new songs via Zoom calls and fine-tuning those musical ideas in their own home studios. The pair has always written about challenges the human race faces, reframing everyday obstacles like doubt and depression as reasons to come together rather than pull apart. During a year like 2020, those themes of optimism and mindfulness seemed more important than ever before.

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