Kanye Discussion and the decision to play

For quite some time now, Kanye has publicly and boldly shared his journey towards Jesus Christ. Many have watched these developments with skepticism. Some chalked it up to the unpredictable side of Kanye. Or perhaps a strange marketing stunt. But you’ll see why that may not matter in a moment.

Maybe all you’ve seen are the headlines and secondhand comments on social media. So below, here are some direct Kanye quotes from a recent Sunday Service: Click here to watch the video

“If you believe that Jesus died for your sins, that’s the Gospel…It’s simple!”
“The Gospel saved my life.”
“When I was chasing the fame and my name, all that I wrought was pain and shame. But through Christ God has made things come alive.”
“He’s kept my family together. He’s brought my mind back. He’s brought back my sanity.”
“God has already won the victory. Jesus Christ has already won the victory.”

The lyrics in every song on “Jesus is King” go much further and deeper. Between his consistent, unashamed representation of Christ in his public appearances, and the Christ-centered focus on this new project, LF Radio has chosen to include “On God” it in our regular rotation. 

Still have doubts and reservations? You’re not alone. Let’s work through a couple together:

  • People are saying even if Kanye is genuine, he’s a “baby Christian.” (Kanye has said as much himself.) What if it wasn’t a two dimensional celebrity, but somebody you fully knew personally? A close friend or family member perhaps. When somebody first comes to Christ, they’re often zealous and exuberant in sharing their testimony. When it’s somebody we know and love, most of us are inclined to celebrate their eagerness. Why should Kanye be any different? Of course, it’s his platform that scares some of us. What if he does more harm then good for the cause of Christ? Well, great news on that front: God is bigger. Bigger than Kanye’s inevitable missteps. Bigger than Paul’s when God called him away from his life as Christian-killing Saul. Bigger than YOUR mistakes. God will prevail, and is prevailing.
  • If it’s not a gimmick, it’s just a new chapter in the life of same old unpredictable Kanye. Philippians 1:18 speaks to this: “But what does it matter? The important thing is that in every way, from false motives or true, Christ is preached. And because of this, I rejoice…”

God’s track record of using unexpected people to deliver His redemption message didn’t end with Noah (a drunk), King David (adulterer and murderer), Rahab (a prostitute), or any of us.

Now, it’s up to the listeners of LF Radio. In the coming weeks, YOU will have the opportunity to give feedback though the thumbs up/down rating on the app and though comments to the text line as to keep playing Kanye, or to move on.

We don’t always get it right. To God be the glory when we do, and in those other moments (even if this is one of them), we humbly ask you to pray for us to hear God’s voice above all others, and to extend the same grace God has given to you. (And while you’re praying, pray for Kanye and his family. Wherever they are in their faith, there’s room for growth. The same is true for all of us whether you are a baby christian or 30 year veteran.)