Making music people want, with a message that they need.

The 20 year old Zauntee is a songwriter and producer From Tampa, Florida. He began writing songs at the young age of 10 and started producing music when he was only 14. His mission is to help listeners realized they don't have to be what the culture says that they're "supposed to be."

Zauntee speaks out about the hip hop genre, saying "The rap game really focuses on brainwashing young people who don't have any real role models. Most kids think that the only way to be fulfilled in life is to follow the crowd." His motivation is to help people breakout of unfair situations, his mission is to bring a positive outlook to this generation, and to show others through his life that it is possible to achieve your dreams and make a global impact without having to compromise what you stand for. Zauntee encourages the younger generations by, "making music people want, with a message that they need." He believes he is the individual to lead people to change.

Zauntee released two singles in 2017 along with his first independent music video for "God Taught Me" which has received more than 6.5+ million views to date and quickly put the promising young artist on the industry’s radar after going viral. In 2018 came the release of a 2 part EP to spotify. His latest single "Fanatic" released in 2019 and was accompanied with a music video. He also began touring the U.S., most recently as a guest and host for Casting Crowns’ 'Only Jesus Tour' Fall and Spring run. This month, January 2020 he will join the Winter Jam 2020 Tour.

Also recently, Zauntee got the opportunity with Fox Sports to be their Artist of the Month, where his songs were featured on various spots in College Football games along with other sports within their network and programming. He has also had his songs recently used by ESPN's 'First Take' and the TNT network for NBA games.


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