V. Rose

Called to create relevant, Christcentered music to reach the world.

V. Rose was born in Sacramento, CA she an American Christian electronic dance music singer and she began singing at age 6. When she was a teen, she felt the Lord calling her to create relevant, Christcentered music to reach the world, especially her peers. Her mother helped start her first singing group with her best friend Candice. The duo, known as Harmony, sang everywhere from local churches to major platforms. At the age of 15, V. Rose’s manager brought the group to noted producer, ’SPEC’ to produce Harmony’s new album. SPEC fell in love with the duo on the spot. V. Rose, determined to persevere, worked at Jack in the Box to help pay for the group’s studio time!

The group disbanded in 2005, but not willing to give up on the vision that God had given her and having no other options, she called her producer, SPEC and before long, she had signed a deal with SPECHOUSE MEDIA which assisted her in gaining more exposure, especially in northern California.

V.Rose has since been featured on two of FLAME’s songs from his album Captured, including the hit single “Surrender.” V’s voice captivated listeners worldwide with her performance on the single. Subsequently, FLAME signed her to his label Clear Sight Music and released her self-titled debut album in August 2011. Although the album was well received by music critics, and with CCM Magazine calling the album an "upbeat pop production set to spiritually-grounded lyrics, the album did not garner any commercial charting successes.

However, V.Rose's sophomore studio album with Clear Sight Music, entitled Forever After and released in May 2014, had greater commercial success, charting on both the Christian Albums and Heatseekers Albums charts at No. 28 and 16 respectively. In February 2015, it was reported by Rapzilla that V. Rose has signed to the Nashville based Inpop Records. She released her third album with Inpop Records in April 2016 and she has also seen success on features with artist like Trip Lee, KJ-52, Shonlock, Derek Minor, Roy Tosh, Mission and Bizzle.

It may feels like V.Rose has been flying under the radar, but truth is she has been hard at work! After a string of features over the last few years, she has recently released two new singles as of July 2019, and we will see her Forth studio album on August 9th.

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