Neon Feather

Since 2012, Ben Thompson has been producing music remixes. But, the moniker you might be more familiar with, Neon Feather, came about when he entered a remix contest run by his friend and he needed an alias so the friend wouldn't know it was him. 

"The ‘Neon’ represents my electronic energy, hype, and having a good time. And the ‘Feather’ side is a little bit more of my desire for organic, acoustic, emotional music. I feel like those two worlds always find themselves colliding in most of my tracks," he says when asked about the meaning of his name.

He got his start by sharing music remixes on SoundCloud. A short time later, artists started to reach out and have him work on their tracks. Eventually, he started to make original music which truly takes on the meaning behind his alias. 

A native of Greensboro, North Carolina, he still resides in the area with his wife, Viriginia, and son, Ezra. 


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