Jackie Hill Perry

She's an author, teacher, poet, emcee, podcaster, and most recently a recording artist on Reach Records. Jackie Hill Perry has been putting pen to paper and words to music for quite awhile sharing an incredible testimony that has to be heard to be believed. 

Initially gaining popularity for her spoken word pieces and signing her first record deal in 2014, Jackie has been an outspoken ex-lesbian. As a child, she was the victim of sexual abuse and attributes that as well as being bullied to her confusion over her gender identity. Her sexual promiscuity and struggles with drug and pornography addiction dominated her life until 2008, when she found Christ. 

It was this discovery that has dominated her life and her words since then as she performed spoken word pieces, wrote and performed rap songs, and authored books on detailing her former lifestyle and what God has done in her life to help her more clearly define her gender identity. 

In 2013, she met Preston Perry, a spoken word artist, with whom she began her first heterosexual relationship. In 2014, they were engaged. The now married couple has 4 children, Eden, Autumn, August and Sage. Today, Preston and Jackie, in addition to their writing and performing careers, host a podcast, With The Perry's, with insights on relationships and theology. 

Among her book credits are Gay Girl, Good God and Holier Than Thou. 

In June of 2024, Jackie Hill Perry became the newest artist signed to Reach Records and released her first single on the label with First Draft

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