Angie Rose

"A little BX, A little PR, and a lot of heaven"

The story of Angie Rose starts with her Puerto Rican roots and growing up in the Bronx. She grew up in the city alongside her Hip-Hop loving brother in an era when Tupac, Big Pun, B.I.G and the artist she is most often compared to, "Jenny From The Block".  Growing up in that era with the musical influences promoting a culture of violence, she took the lead of her brother and began to put pen to paper and share her experiences through rap and rhyme. 

Today, she uses that musicla talent to promote diversity and overcoming obstacles and sharing her own past experiences with loss, drugs and hurt.  She says "it is only by God's grace and a praying family that my music promotes positivity. I remember standing in the staircases of my building everyday watching my brother and all his friends rap for hours, and every night watching my parents pray I had no choice but to fall in love with God and hip-hop; so why not bring em together in my music?" 

That fighting spirit to overcome obstacles fit right in when she shared her message to an unsuspecting crowd at a boxing match. The video of her post-performance message went viral on social media and many have discovered the 2022 Dove Award nominee and her music from that bold stance she took in the ring that night. 


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