Ryan Stevenson

Some of the most profound moments of worship emerge not from mountain-top but from difficult circumstance.

Ryan Stevenson was born on January 21 in Bonanza, Oregon, a rural agricultural town where he was bought up in church, exposing him to hymns of the gospel at an early age and received his first instrument, a guitar, at 18 years old from his youth pastor. He attended Northwest Christian College, where he would hone his musical talent, with Paul Wright, a roommate of his. They formed a small band, primarily focusing on acoustic music, and performed at local venues in and around Eugene, Oregon. After adding a full band to the mix, they played throughout the northwest, packing venues and opening for renowned Christian artists. When Wright pursued his solo career, Ryan worked with him as a co-writer, singer, and guitarist on each of Wrights mainstream releases. In 2003, Stevenson moved to Boise, Idaho. He continued writing songs, leading worship, and performing in small venues, all while working as a front line paramedic. After capturing TobyMac’s attention, Ryan was signed to an exclusive recording agreement with the iconic artist’s Gotee Records.

Ryan blends influences from soul, pop, and some of the great guitarists to create engaging acoustic guitar driven melodies. Embracing the idea that some of the most profound moments of worship emerge not from mountain-top experiences but from difficult, perhaps even catastrophic circumstance, the lyrics a poetic vulnerability reflecting honestly on the difficulties everyone faces. Wanting to honestly and vulnerably communicate through his recording and his live performance the grace and love that guides him through his own trials, Ryan writes with a musical maturity beyond his years and a spiritual sensitivity that easily draws people into the musical message.

Ryan credits his mother as the one who fostered his musical skills, while growing up, through her prayers and support, for his chosen profession, she died of bone cancer on October 3, 2009, at 58 years old.